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ADI OtoSense: Smart Motor Sensor (SMS)

Predictive maintenance for electric motors

In manufacturing, millions of low-voltage motors operate without monitoring, leading to:

  • Inefficiencies

  • Unplanned downtime

  • Production interruption

  • Product spoilage

To avoid these types of issues, Macnica ATD Europe offers ADI OtoSense solution's, Smart Motor Sensor (SMS). Based on an AI, it is a full turnkey hardware and software solution for condition-based monitoring.

SMS solution: turnkey AI-based hardware and software solution

Sensing technology

High performance sensors deliver higher quality data for analysis.

Machine learning

Securely sends data to the cloud to diagnose critical electrical and mechanical motor faults.

Advanced diagnosis

Notifications, diagnostic updates and recommendations provided through web and mobile applications.


SMS solution: benefits


Reduce overall costs:

  • Reduce unforeseen downtimes & avoid catastrophic failures

  • Extend period between overhauls

  • Reduce route-based activities & optimize maintenance resource allocation

  • Better manage spare parts and stock

  • Increase the lifetime of your equipment

  • Optimize motor efficiency

SMS solution: key advantages

Actionable Diagnostics

Actionable Diagnostics.jpg
  • Includes fault severity and recommended actions

  • Performance indicates potential issues with the load or a change in the process that might require additional action

Diagnose 9 mechanical and electrical motor faults

power system.png

Power System

Stator Winding.png

Stator Winding





Motor Shaft Balance.png

Motor Shaft / Balance



Loose Soft Foot.png


Loose / Soft Foot

Cooling System.png

Cooling System


  • No need to manually set alarms

  • No manual device training required

  • No experts required for initial analysis

automated 1.jpg
automated 2.png

Automatically generated diagnostics and alarms customized to your motor

When an electrical or mechanical fault is detected:

  • Notification sent to the mobile app or web platform specifying the diagnosis

  • Severity level of the fault expressed on a scale between 0 and 10

  • Actions recommended to avoid downtime


  • Motor agnostic

  • No wires, no additional gateways required

  • Easy-to-use interface reduces training and device maintenance

scalable 1.jpg

Quick to setup, easy to use

Straithforward installation:

  • Non-invasive, quick and easy to mount, the SMS can be deployed on any low-voltage mortr, new or used, within minutes, even while running

  • Commissioning with a dedicated mobile app

scalable 2.png

SMS device highlights

magnetic flux.png
sms device.png


Best-in-class robust sensors and processing technologies to deliver high quality data

Vibration: 2 ADI high frequency bandwidth and low noise accelerometers for Z-, X-dual-axis vibration measurement

Temperature: 2 ADI sensors for motor frame and ambient temperature measurement

Magnetic flux: motor magnet flux sensor for motor rotation speed measurement


Sustainable device, powered by 4 replaceable AA lithium batteries

SMS solution: trial kit

Experience the solution yourself with ADI OtoSense trial kit

  • Validate ADI OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) performance

  • Experience its intuitive and easy to use interface

  • Test in your environment or in your test lab

  • Realize the SMS' value for your business

90 days license, up to 5 devices

trial kit.png

​Get started with ADI OtoSense's trial kit:

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