InnerEye Combines Human and Artificial Intelligence

This breakthrough technology combines the skills and expertise of human users, state-of-the-art neurotechnology and algorithms for machine learning and signal processing. InnerEye leverages the fusion of human neural processing and deep artificial neural networks to enable quick and accurate visual content review, real-time AI training and validation, and the establishment of a unique human-machine interface for connected user applications.​

macnica atd europe atd electronique artificial intelligence ai innereye
  • Founded in 2014 - Technology spin-off from the Hebrew and Ben-Gurion universities

  • Over $7M of funding provided so far (equity, grants, contracts)

  • Patent-protected technology

  • Distribution agreements in place

  • Product at paid Proof of Concept stage in first two applications

  • Multidisciplinary, experienced team

  • Main office in Herzliya (Israel), beachhead in Tokyo (Japan)

Tapping the Brain

InnerEye technology bypasses the need to record overt responses from the user (like button presses or speaking), reading the visual recognition signals directly from the user's brain and combining it, together with the visual data into an unified artificial intelligence system.

macnica atd europe atd electronique artificial intelligence ai innereye
macnica atd europe atd electronique artificial intelligence ai innereye

This combination overcomes a bottleneck of human performance as well as capitalizes on the merging of human neural processing and deep artificial neural networks. Human brainwaves are acquired by special headsets, calibrated and filtered to pick up the most important signals, then used to build solf labels for an existing AI algorithm.

The human brain is a powerful information processing machine. It outperforms any computerized technology when it comes to dealing with novel, abstract or fuzzy definition of tasks, due to incredible learning efficiency and cognitive flexibility.

macnica atd europe atd electronique artificial intelligence ai innereye

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Retrocausal - Pathfinder Apollo


The Pathfinder Apollo is a disruptive solution brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe. 

The solution was developed by Retrocausal, which is a leader in the market of intelligent solutions applied to the industry.

The solution significantly reduces errors in manual and repetitive work on the assembly line through intelligent monitoring. 

The platform is composed of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled camera that, when detecting any error in the performance of tasks by operators on an assembly line, triggers audible and visual alerts. 

In addition, the Pathfinder Apollo continuously performs time studies on assembly processes, enabling greater control and management over the manual activities performed in a manufacturing unit.

Retrocausal's patented computer vision technology analyzes complex manual activities to help operators avoid assembly errors and improve training. 

In addition, prescriptive analytical tools are provided to help industrial engineers perform root cause analysis and optimize the process.

The platform adds individual workstation statistics to the analysis dashboard.

These statistics include average cycle time, throughput, error rates, as well as highly detailed measurements that are related to step time and errors.


This information helps industrial engineers and manufacturing supervisors identify non-value-added activity, find the cause of assembly problems, and optimize production. 

The Pathfinder Apollo also offers the option to automatically store video records of individual cycles on your assembly line.

These records are identifiable by product serial number.

When a defective product reaches the end of the line or if a recall event occurs, these records prove extremely valuable for improving the process and minimizing the extent of damage.

Fast and easy operator training

The system also offers a video-based tool that allows operator training on a stand-alone basis.

Here the demonstration videos used to train the Artificial Intelligence algorithm are combined with voice recognition technology, assisting new or temporary employees.

Greater control and management of activities 

The Pathfinder Apollo is a solution that is revolutionizing the assembly line in the industry, as it automates the checking of manual and repetitive processes, enabling greater control and management of activities.

Furthermore, the solution's installation and deployment process is extremely simple, as well as its integration with existing manufacturing systems. 



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What it does

  • Motion IntelligenceTM

    • AI Video analytics sotware improves active monitoring of surveillance networks.​

    • Unusual movements and unexpected events are highlighted in real time.

  • LivewallTM complements existing video management systems (Milestone, Genetec, etc) to remove noise and increase operator engagement and efficiency.

The challenge & solution


The video surveillance challenge:

  • 24 billion hours of CCTV footage is generated everyday. Less than 2% is viewed in real-time. Critical events are missed.

  • Many AI systems:

    • are not real-time and they use rules which means they do not learn

    • do not provide complex events and behaviour analysis.

Motion Intelligence solution:

  • Real-time self-learning AI video analytics for complex object detection and action recognition (fights, falls, fires, crowing, etc).

  • Machine learning identifies events of interest and isolates the <2% of critical events that matter.

  • Analyse a broad range of events and behaviours, and filters out the noise showing critical events within Livewall.


Value proposition

Motion Intelligence provides AI-assisted video monitoring to display only what's important for real-time intervention:

  • trip / fall

  • people flow

  • loitering

  • vehicle violations

  • aggression and violence

Livewall increases operational efficiency.

Actionable reports allows you to tag events and run reports on heatmaps, dwell time, etc, as well as camera optimisation.

  • +300% ROI using icetana technology

  • Reduce staffing requirements by one FTE for every 100 cameras monitored

  • 3x more cameras monitored per control room operator

  • Real-time event detection and action analysis

  • The Livewall and highlights reels ensure safety and security issues are responded to as they happen

  • Accelerated investigations identify and annotate interesting events. AI technology reviews 24 hours of footage in less than 2 hours

Motion intelligence benefits



icetana uses on-premises servers or AWS efficiency and can scale to monitor thousands of cameras.


Adaptable and Intelligent

Unlike inflexible rule-based systems, icetana automatically learns what is normal.


Motion Intelligence

icetana uses a unique and patented proprietary algorithm that learns over time.


Protects Privacy

GDPR compliant and does not rely on inefective and intrusive face detection, or racial profiling.


Easy Integration

icetana works with existing video infrastructure and integrates with popular VMSs.


Empowers Security Team

icetana lets your team cut through the noise and focus on assessing unusual events.

Benefits & business case

  • Low total cost of ownership - Hardware requirements are more cost-effective then other solutions. You don't pay per analytic.

  • Only the top 2% of unusual events are displayed.

  • One operator can comfortably and effectively manage more than 300 cameras.

  • Increased speed of response - Risks you didn't even know about are identified in real-time so you can take immediate action for physical, operational, and reputational risk mitigation.

  • No rules means unmatched breadth of event detection.