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Asus IoT's Intelligent Edge Computer




  • ASUS GPU Card, up to TGP 450W

  • NV ProViz GPU Card

  • Intel MXM

Design N+1:

  • Thermal, Power, Anti-vibration

Edge AI 3.jpg
Edge AI 1.jpg
Edge AI 2.jpg

 Edge AI 

  • ARM-based Edge AI

  • Nano, TX2 NX and Xavier NX

  • Upgrading to Orin

NVIDIA Jetson.jpg

 NVIDIA Jetson 

Expandable System

Compact Mainstream

  • Competitive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), including key parts

  • Intel CCG SKU option

  • Module expression, PoE, CAN, TPU support option

Rugged Edge 2.jpg
Rugged Edge 1.jpg

 Rugged Edge 

Industrial Gateway

In-vehicle Gateway

  • SW BSP support

  • ARM PSA Certified

  • ARM SystemReady

  • IGN, DIO, CAN, COM, Wireless

  • E-Mark, SAEJ1455, ISO-7637-2, EN50155, MIL-STD-810H

ARM-based 1.jpg
ARM-based 2.jpg


Asus IoT's AI Focused Solutions


Asus IoT's AISDetector is an AI-based application software for product quality inspection during production phase.

Key features and benefits

  • Manage multiple AI models and use cases

  • Fast model training

  • Intuitive testing

Applications cases

  • Manufacturing: defect detection


Asus IoT's AISVision is an Easy-to-use AI Toolkit and SDK for Computer Vision, for model training and inference.

Key features and benefits

  • Manage multiple AI models and use cases

  • Intuitive labelling tool

  • Unique validation feature

  • High flexibility inference architecture

Applications cases

  • Manufacturing: defect detection, production parts segmentation and classification

  • Retail: in-store automatic check-out, on-shelf inventory check


Asus IoT's AISEHS is an Easy-to-use AI-based Management Service Platform for worker safety.

Key features and benefits

  • Immediate alerts to notify of any security issues

  • Leverage AI technology to increase workplace safety

  • Turn invisible risk hazards into at-a-glance data

  • Multi-tenant models

Applications cases

  • Risk identification for MMI: identify complex operational actions based on pre-defined standard procedures

  • Pointing confirmation: dynamically detect the pointing-confirmation procedures of all perso

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