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Advantages of the video surveillance system for retail


A video surveillance system (VMS) allows you to monitor and record images from security cameras in real time. This type of system is often used in the security of shopping malls and other retail establishments.

By adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to an existing VMS system, you can significantly improve its performance. This is because an AI solution makes the video surveillance system more efficient and effective in detecting and responding to security threats.

According to data from the Brazilian Public Security Yearbook, the rates of robberies of commercial establishments grew by 20% in the state of Rio de Janeiro. In São Paulo, this growth was almost 40%. Numbers like these frighten and have made the retail sector invest more and more in an intelligent security system.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the video surveillance system

One of the main advantages of including an AI solution in a security system is the rapid detection of abnormal behavior on site. With Artificial Intelligence software, the VMS system learns and recognizes these behaviors in the camera scenes and alerts the operators.

With these rapid alerts, security staff can act more effectively when faced with suspicious situations, such as someone wandering around a restricted area or trying to access a prohibited location. In other words: the AI solution brings more agility and assertiveness to the retail security team.

More advantages of inserting an AI software to your video surveillance system

Object classification

The AI solution can classify the images of objects captured by security cameras into specific categories, such as cars, people, bicycles and animals. This enables the video surveillance system to be more accurate in detecting suspicious behavior and identifying threats.

Traffic analysis

AI software can be used to analyze pedestrian and vehicle traffic in an area. This is useful for identifying abnormal traffic patterns or areas of heavier traffic that need more attention.

Pattern analysis

The AI solution can analyze the data collected by the security cameras over time to identify patterns of behavior. Thus, it is possible to predict when and where a threat may occur, allowing security staff to take preventive action.

Fast decision making

Finally, linking AI software to the video surveillance system greatly aids decision making in the face of abnormal situations. An intelligent security system helps operators make quick and accurate decisions by providing useful information and highlighting critical and suspicious events.

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