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AI solution for airport security systems

In places like airports it is necessary to monitor thousands of video cameras, as they feed the security systems.

From suspicious images, the guards start to intervene in the situation, in order to avoid accidents, thefts, attacks, among other situations.

Therefore, having a security system that issues real-time alerts whenever a situation like this occurs is essential.

And this solution already exists. Icetana's AI technology, which is part of Macnica ATD Europe portfolio, is a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the video surveillance system and issues alerts whenever an abnormal situation is identified.

Usually, video surveillance systems are used for investigation instead of prevention.

However, this may change with the use of Icetana's AI solution, which adds intelligence to the security system already in place.

With Icetana's software, cameras showing abnormal actions are highlighted on the main real-time monitoring screen. This allows the security team to act quickly and can prevent greater damage to both people and property, whether in actions to prevent fights, attacks and drug trafficking, for example.

It is possible because Icetana is able to monitor and analyze images from thousands of cameras in real time using Artificial Intelligence. In this way, when identifying an abnormal action, the AI ​​solution places the images on the main screen and quickly runs the scene history so that the security team understands the situation and can act.

This solution also optimizes airport resources by identifying points for improvement in the system and in-site workflows.

All these features make Icetana's AI solution an extra pair of eyes to monitor airports!

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