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Artificial Intelligence for Airport Security


Airports are environments that require an advanced security system. The reason is the large number of people who circulate daily in these spaces, which implies many complex problems to solve. In such cases, artificial intelligence can be a great ally for airports to become more secure places.

Artificial intelligence solutions for airports

Until now, the solution to improve airport security was to install more cameras. Another alternative was to increase the number of operators to monitor the site and the images captured.

However, this did not completely solve the problem, since operators are not able to monitor everything all the time. Furthermore, conventional cameras do not have the intelligence to identify abnormal situations.

This is where technology and artificial intelligence come in: the way to solve problems and improve airport security. One of the alternatives is Icetana's solution, brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe.

Icetana's solution: disruptive technology to enhance security

Icetana's solution, a disruptive technology based on artificial intelligence, is capable of delivering excellent results for airport security. With it, you can:

  • reduce the number of operators in the monitoring system;

  • reduce the operational cost of the security sector

  • increase the effectiveness in detecting unusual events;

  • make responses to these suspicious actions more agile.

Baggage check: how artificial intelligence helps at this stage

As you have seen, artificial intelligence solutions are very important in making airport video surveillance more efficient. In addition, they help in one more step: baggage checking. This particular task is essential for ensuring the safety of airports and the people who pass through them on a daily basis.

Conventional baggage inspection at airports involves monitoring using X-ray technology and manual checking. This increases the time spent on the process and the chances of security breaches, as criminals increasingly look for ways to circumvent technologies such as these that have been in use for years.


Inspection of suitcases at airports using X-Ray. Source: Envato.

To meet this demand and make the process more efficient, one of the technologies offered by Macnica ATD Europe is InnerEye. This technology is capable of optimizing artificial intelligence software that performs baggage inspection through Computer Vision.

The solution developed by the Israeli company InnerEye relies on the so-called braintech technology. This technology works by capturing the brain waves of baggage inspection specialists during the evaluation of images of items that would pass and fail the check.

From these captured brainwaves, the AI software analyzes data and learns from the parameters provided by humans who are experts in detecting suspicious items. This increases its effectiveness and accuracy in identifying abnormal situations and reduces the time spent on training.

A man with an AI headset in front of a computer

AI training process using expert brainwaves through InnerEye technology. Source: InnerEye.

One of the cases developed by Macnica in Brazil, involving the InnerEye technology, was the identification of diseases in soy leaves. The work, done in partnership with Embrapa, is similar to the baggage inspection in airports and brought very satisfactory results.

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