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Have a Security System that Detects Anomalies

A security man sitting, in a video surveillance room. Title: Get to know the advantages of Iceana's Artificial Intelligence Software

What are the chances that a security system operator with video surveillance will be able to cover all the events displayed by 5, 6 or even 10 cameras at the same time? Difficult, right? The fatigue, tiredness and distractions that can occur compromise the service and affect the safety of the site.

What if that same operator could focus only on abnormal situations? What if they could only see what really matters on the screen? This would represent a great gain for their performance and the safety of the environment.

A solution for such a safety system already exists: it is the Icetana solution.

Icetana increases surveillance system effectiveness and productivity by enabling a single operator to monitor up to 200 cameras.

Learn more about it below.

Advantages of Icetana's Artificial Intelligence software

The Icetana solution was brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe. It can be used in several markets, such as airports, ports, universities, banks and shopping malls.

Here are some advantages that this software offers for security systems:

  • Hide the images of cameras that are showing routine scenes: this decreases the visual fatigue of the people monitoring the security cameras;

  • Learn the routine of the site, through machine learning, and notify whenever an abnormal situation happens: Icetana's AI network uses the scenes of the site to maintain machine learning;

  • Show the images prior to the abnormal movements in an accelerated way: with this, the security guard can act assertively to resolve the situation;

  • Save all images considered abnormal: this function is useful for future checks.

In addition to detecting abnormal situations, Icetana's security system solution also identifies accidents, detects people standing for too long in prohibited places, and improper vehicle traffic on the spot.

To use this technology, simply add Icetana's Artificial Intelligence software to your existing video surveillance system.

2 men sitting in chairs in a video surveillance room.

Icetana's Artificial Intelligence software being used in a security system with more than 200 cameras installed.

How about investing in Icetana's artificial intelligence software?


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