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Intelligent Security System for Universities


Security is a must everywhere, but when we talk about the security system for educational institutions, such as universities and schools, the rule goes up a lot!

This was reinforced by the sad case that recently occurred in a school in Blumenau and that unfortunately is not the only one in recent months, as shown in the Veja Radar news.

First of all, situations like this can go unnoticed by video surveillance systems, since there are too many cameras to be monitored in real time. The visual fatigue of the security team can miss the movement of a strange person or vehicle in places like universities and schools.

So it is clear that just increasing the number of cameras in these places is not enough, more is needed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs to be added, and this can be done by adding AI software to the existing security system.

Icetana's AI software monitors the images in real time and issues alerts to the security team whenever an abnormal situation occurs. This way, people walking through unpermitted places will be quickly identified, making the security team much more agile.

The best thing is that this intelligent solution already exists and was brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe. Icetana's AI software is already being used in universities in several countries, such as Canada, where the solution brought many gains to Mount Royal University.

AI software for security systems

Icetana's AI software can be quickly added to a security system that is already running. Moreover, in just 24 hours it learns the routine of the site and starts to identify and alert on abnormal situations.

Some advantages of this powerful solution for video surveillance systems.

  • Identify and highlight abnormal and critical events in real time.

  • Bring agility to security guards to respond quickly to possible suspicious activity and threats.

  • Reduce the visual fatigue of security guards who spend hours in front of monitors viewing images from security cameras

  • Facilitating the review of recorded images, being able to view 24 hours of recordings in up to 2 minutes.

  • Simplify the installation of the system, because it is not necessary to define rules in advance.

Do you want to get all these benefits in your security system?

Contact us at and upgrade your video surveillance system!


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