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Invest in your Video Surveillance System for Banks

A man in front of surveillance camera screens, holding a walkie-talkie. Title: Security : Get to know Icetana's Video surveillance system

Imagine if the images from security cameras could send real-time alerts at the slightest sign of suspicious behavior around the bank. Many robberies could be prevented, right?

Although this sounds like something out of a movie, this technology already exists. And the best thing is: you can already have this technology in your video surveillance system. With it, you can increase the security of your bank.

See below the solution for video surveillance system that Macnica ATD Europe offers to the market.

Intelligent solution for video surveillance system

Icetana's intelligent solution is an advanced software brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe. It associates Artificial Intelligence to the video surveillance system already installed. Thus, the upgrade happens only in the software, keeping the entire existing camera system.

See below how Icetana's AI software works and its main advantages for making a video surveillance system even more secure.

  • Icetana's AI software filters to the main screen only those cameras that show some abnormal situation happening. For example: people standing for a long time in traffic areas.

  • When it identifies the abnormal situation, Icetana's software rewinds the recording and shows the previous seconds of video. Thus, it is easier for the security team to understand what is happening and act in a correct and agile manner.

  • The software saves the images recorded from the cameras in a compact form, optimizing the space for data storage.

  • With Icetana's AI software, it is possible to see what happened in the last 24 hours in a few minutes.

  • It is also possible to create alerts for all situations that should be identified as abnormal. Among them are: excessive waiting time at the branch door, people with suspiciously sized backpacks, suspicious attitudes inside and around the branch, etc

In addition to all these benefits and functions, Icetana's software uses Artificial Intelligence to become more efficient every day. This AI solution learns from site behavior, identifies when something abnormal is happening, and issues alerts.

Invest in the security of your bank with Icetana's software

As you have seen, there are many advantages that Icetana's intelligent software brings to the video surveillance system. With it, you can further increase the security of a bank. To top it off, there is no need to change the current system: simply add this modern solution to the existing infrastructure.

So how about investing in your bank's security by including this solution in your video surveillance system?


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