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Video Surveillance Security Systems using AI

2 people in a video surveillance room with Icetana's solutions.

Currently, operators of video surveillance security systems encounter many difficulties in carrying out their work, such as information overload and visual fatigue. To solve these problems and ensure the safety of companies, solutions for these systems using Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already on the market.

Main problems in video surveillance security systems

Below, we list the main challenges faced by operators of video surveillance security systems.

Information overload

In environments with many security cameras and continuous video streaming, operators can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. In addition, they need to monitor all screens simultaneously. This makes it more difficult to identify suspicious events or activities.


Constantly looking at video screens for long periods leads to eyestrain. This can affect operators' attention and ability to concentrate, causing monitoring errors and even missing critical events.

Blind spots

Depending on the physical arrangement of the cameras, there may be areas or angles that are not properly covered by video surveillance. As a result, suspicious activity may occur without being detected in the images.

Limited integration and inter-operability

In some cases, video surveillance security systems cannot be integrated with other systems such as alarms, sensors and access controls. This makes it difficult for operators to respond quickly and in a coordinated manner to suspicious events.

False alarms

Automated video monitoring systems can generate false alarms, such as:

  • incorrect identification of common movements;

  • harmless objects;

  • variations in lighting.

Cases like these can cause operators to waste unnecessary time and resources investigating irrelevant events.

Privacy and compliance

Camera surveillance can raise concerns and issues regarding the privacy of the monitored persons. It is therefore important that operators are aware of data protection and privacy laws and regulations and act accordingly.

Icetana's AI solution enables vision beyond cameras: revolution in security systems

With Icetana's AI solution, brought to Europe by Macnica ATD Europe, all these problems in video surveillance security systems are solved. Organizations using this solution reduce up to 99% of video overhead while experiencing 100% real-time proactive monitoring.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Icetana's software attends and filters routine movement, showing in real time, on the main screen, only the unusual behaviors. In addition, it integrates existing video management systems and IP cameras.

Thus, with Icetana's solution, companies:

  • do not need to adapt the security systems they already use or hire more operators to perform monitoring;

  • can act quickly and efficiently to identify abnormal situations and even prevent occurrences.

Features and benefits of Icetana's AI solution for video surveillance systems

As we said, Icetana's AI software filters to the main video surveillance screen only those cameras that show some abnormal situation. An example is images of people standing for a long time in places of circulation.

When identifying these abnormal situations, the software rewinds the recording and shows the previous seconds of the video. This makes it easier for the security team to understand what is happening and act quickly and correctly.

In addition, the software saves the images recorded by the cameras in a compact way, optimizing the space for data storage. In this way, it is possible to visualize what happened in the last 24 hours in a few minutes.

The Icetana’s solution also allows operators to create alerts for all situations that should be identified as abnormal. These include:

  • excessive waiting time at the door of the establishment;

  • people carrying backpacks of suspicious sizes;

  • suspicious attitudes in and around the premises.

Moreover, the image analysis performed by Icetana's solution is non-invasive, as it does not use facial recognition or personally identifiable information. As it processes the images, the software gets smarter and delivers only situations with true risk potential.

2 people in a video surveillance room with Icetana's solutions.

Icetana's disruptive technology takes video monitoring to a new level

As you have seen, investing in advanced video surveillance technologies like Icetana brings many advantages to your company's security. With it, it is possible to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and reduce the workload of operators, who can focus only on critical situations.

Among the places with high movement of people where Icetana's AI solution can be applied are:

If you want to find out how Macnica ATD Europe and Icetana can help you improve your company's security, click here to contact us.

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