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Video Surveillance System for Amusement Parks


If there is one place that is known to attract people of all ages, it is amusement parks. Designed to amuse and entertain children and adults, these environments have the capacity to bring together thousands of people in a single day. At Disneyland Paris, for example, there are on average 20,000 people per day.

This requires that amusement parks, besides delivering great attractions, are also safe places. After all, safety is not negotiable anywhere. And that is where the importance of video surveillance systems comes in.

Importance of video surveillance systems for amusement parks

With the advance of technology, various types of video surveillance systems have emerged. They ensure the safety of visitors, employees, and the amusement parks themselves. This way, several accidents can be avoided.

See below some points that make a video surveillance system so important in amusement parks.

  • Accident prevention: the security system constantly monitors critical areas, such as roller coasters, Ferris wheels, swimming pools and other attractions. This makes it possible to quickly detect any problem that could lead to an accident, such as a broken toy or a visitor in danger.

  • Rapid emergency response: If an accident or emergency occurs, the video surveillance system can quickly identify the location of the problem. Once identified, it issues an alert for emergency personnel to come to the scene to help.

  • Stop illegal activities: some visitors may try to enter amusement parks without paying or perform acts of vandalism. With a video surveillance system, these behaviors can be detected and stopped before they cause bigger problems.

  • Monitoring park operations: The video surveillance system can also be used to monitor amusement park operations. These include queue management, access control, visitor flow management, and overall site security.

Macnica ATD Europe's solution for amusement park security

As you have seen, there are many advantages that a video surveillance system can offer for amusement park security. This is one of the solutions that Macnica ATD Europe delivers.

Macnica ATD Europe brought to Europe the AI solution from Icetana. This Artificial Intelligence software is able to learn the routine of a place. From this, it identifies and alerts whenever an unusual or abnormal situation occurs.

Can you imagine the efficiency and agility that this solution can bring to your security system? It can make it much smarter and generate more security for people.

Do you want to understand how Icetana's AI video surveillance solution can be implemented into your existing security system? Contact us to learn more about Icetana.


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