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Brain Science with AI Empowers Humanity

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The organization accelerates the integration of brain science and AI through open innovation and drives the social implementation of AI.

What is the Brain AI Innovation Lab (BRAIL)?

BRAIL incorporate the new technology of "brain science" to further enhance the value created by AI.

We will share not only ideas and methods of using brain science, but also knowledge based on cutting-edge research. We also develop and operate new services for social implementation.


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Knowledge sharing of AI x brain science through open innovation

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Research / implementation of brain science by ARIH personnel


Accelerating social implementation with validation within the minimum of one month



Investigation by a researcher with expertise in both AI and brain science


Collaborative Work


Deepening Brain-AI knowledge through collaboration with open innovation partners


Algorithm development

Development of optimal algorithms based on brain science

Is there someone in your organization who is familiar with brain science and AI?

When we think about increasing the value of AI, it is the human brain that can expand its potential.

We provide an approach for solving problems by extracting subconscious but essential data from the brain with using "Brain-AI", a combination of "Brain" and "Artificial Intelligence.


Talent assessment aids in HR: Measuring the brain waves of employees and potential recruits

At present, the decision on the type of job is often based on a paper test or an interview. It is difficult to determine the most suitable job for a person based on this alone.

By measuring the brain waves during the written test, it is possible to determine the most suitable job for a person who is not aware of it.

Human resources assessment

For certain diseases, the number of doctors with specialized medical knowledge and skills is very small and it is not always possible to receive an initial diagnosis based on an expert disease knowledge and skills.

AI, incorporating the knowledge and skills of specialist doctors, can assist in the initial diagnosis and ensure that injuries and diseases are detected early.

Medical assistance:

Measuring the EEG of specialists

Medical & Healthcare

Optimum individual learning aid: Measuring students' brain waves

In the field of learning, it is often difficult to measure students' reaction to and interest in the content of a lesson, resulting in lost growth opportunities.

AI, built on data obtained from students' brain waves, can provide educational content that is tailored to individual characteristics.


Assisting in the analysis of customer needs:

Measuring customer brain waves

By looking at the real needs and subconsciousness of your customers, you can plan new products or improve your existing services, which enables creating products and services in true needs"


Assisting security checks at the airport:

Measuring expert brainwaves

The inspection process places a heavy burden on skilled personnel and can lead to serious incidents due to uneven skill levels and poor concentration.

By working with an AI system based on data from expert EEGs, the experts can maintain high security while reducing the workload on site.


Assisting in the inspection process of the shipping process: Measuring the brain waves of skilled workers

At the manufacturing site, there is an inspection process before shipment that is visually checked by skilled workers on site. Based on the data obtained from the EEG of skilled workers, AI with the know-how of skilled workers can be built to reduce the workload on site.



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