Hagiwara Solutions is one of the Japanese major flash storage manufacturers, specialized in industrial markets. Their headquarter and R&D center are based in Japan.

Due to more than 20 years of existence, Hagiwara has a long track record and know how.

They provide long term, reliable and stable products.

Product Lines

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Hagiwara's SSDs are specialized in industrial markets. They use their own firmware.

They fixed BOM for Long-Term-Supply. You can get the same product from your tests to the product end of life. Unlike consumer models, you do not need  to evaluate many times.

If necessary, Hagiwara considers customization of the products for your own solutions.



Do you need larger capacity with faster I/F? If yes, Macnica ATD Europe offers Hagiwara's NVMe.

There are secure models with AES 256-bit, TCG Opal, Sanitize Block Erase, Sanitize Overwrite and Sanitize Crypto Scramble.

Such faster I/F requires temperature management. Then, Hagiwara supports Thermal Throttling Function to control the speed to optimize the temperature for the best performance.



SATA is the mainstream of flash storages. 

It is available in multiple NANDs (2D SLC, 2D MLC, 3D TLC and 3D pSLC), with I-Temp and C-Temp.

In addition, as a counter measure against power loss, Hagiwara supports Rollback & Tracing on their SSD.




Are you looking for CompactFlash? How do you obtain for your legacy projects? Hagiwara supplies CompactFlash (The Longest-Term-Supply models) until 2027.

SD (SD, microSD and eSD)


 Hagiwara's SD/ microSD and eSD are available with multiple NANDs (2D SLC, 2D MLC, 3D TLC and 3D pSLC) with I-Temp and C-Temp.

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Hagiwara industrial USB memory sticks allow you to save data and take logs. You can customize the cases with your logs.

If you are looking for WORM Solution (Write Once Read Many Solution), Hagiwara's CDMemory2 stick & UDRW-G5 stick are the perfect fit to distribute software updates instead of optical disks.




Macnica ATD Europe offers Hagiwara's DIMM with 5 years warranty. You can get DDR3 for your legacy systems. Hagiwara fixed BOM of main component (DRAM, PCB and SPD: Serial Presence Detect). 

*DDR3L supports 1.5V and 1.35V for DDR3 users


Life Diagnosis Tool


You can diagnose the life of Hagiwara’s Flash Storages, using Livemonitor software. It allows the software engineers to evaluate flash storages in their test environment.

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Conformal Coating for extreme environment


Do you worry about unexpected failures caused by high humidity, dust, cutting oil or chemical contaminants? You can order SSD and DIMM with Conformal Coating.

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System & Data Protection under Power-Fault


You have experienced such unexpected power faults? Then your systems have been corrupted. Don’t worry about unexpected power faults, Hagiwara’s SSD with Virtual Write Filter function can solve it.

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