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sony oled microdisplays

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  • OLED native features

  1. Ultra high contrast: 100,000:1​

  2. Ultra fast response speed: 0.01ms or less

  • Features based on our unique value-added technologies

- Top emission structure based on white OLED emission with color filters -​​

  1. Higher emission efficiency and longer life

  2. Wider color gamut due to optimized color filter design

moled picture 1.PNG

Sony Semiconductor Solutions OLED Microdisplay has unique value-added technologies in addition to the OLED native features listed below. These features jelp create a highly immersive experience for display viewers.

Chief applications are EVF (Electrical View Finder) for still and video cameras, and AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) glasses.

Self-compensation circuit in each pixel to suppress unevenness

  1. Stable and higher uniformity

moled picture 2.PNG

Display image without compensation

moled picture 2.PNG

Display image with compensation

- Integration of driving circuits onto silicon backplane -

  1. Stand-alone panel module realized with no additional driver chips required for operation.

Example: Integrated circuits for ECX335B

  • Vertical and horizontal scan drivers

  • 8-bit digital to analog converter

  • Gamme reference voltage generation circuit

  • Timing controller (Tcon)

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