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Macnica ATD Europe announces distribution partnership with Winbond

Chatou/France, 11 September 2023. Macnica ATD Europe is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with Winbond, a leading Taiwan-based specialty memory IC company for smart industrial AIoT and consumer applications, listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

From product design, R&D and wafer fabrication to branded product marketing, Winbond strives to provide total memory solutions to its global customers serving applications in major verticals such as automotive, industrial, computer, communication, and the end-consumer market. Winbond operates a 12-inch fab and is the only enterprise in Taiwan with the capability to develop DRAM and FLASH products in-house.

Winbond already is a long-term partner of Macnica Inc., the mother company of Macnica ATD Europe. With the distribution agreement the major Winbond product lines Flash Memory, TrustME® Secure Flash, Specialty DRAM, Mobile DRAM and HYPERRAM™ are now available through Macnica ATD Europe with the full service and support. The full range of product variations is accessible here.

About Macnica ATD Europe

Macnica ATD Europe unites the European operations of stock-listed Macnica Inc. (headquartered in Yokohama/Japan), one of the world’s largest distributors of semiconductors founded in 1972. The roots of Macnica ATD Europe go back to the distributor of imaging solutions ATD Electronique which was fully acquired by Macnica Inc. in 2019; and the former German entity Macnica GmbH. Today, Macnica, Inc. has established its European headquarter Macnica ATD Europe in Chatou near Paris with sales offices in various European countries. It combines several decades of B&B semiconductor and imaging distribution experience with a vast product range covering memories, GNSS, IoT, and power management ICs as well as a focus on image sensors, optics, interface circuits, IPs, imaging processors, cables, and OLED micro displays; and a growing portfolio of ready to use AI solutions.

For more information visit the web at

Macnica ATD Europe

2 - 6, rue Emile Pathé- Espace Lumière, Batiment 2, 78400 CHATOU - FRANCE

Ph: + 33 1 30 15 69 70

Fax: + 33 1 86 39 00 22

New sales email address:

Press Contact:

Vision Communications - Andreas Breyer

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